Receive Blessings in Heaven

Ephesians 1:3

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.

The usual opinion of blessings and being blest is that gifts are given. But in looking thru the concordances and lexicon, we were unable to find that meaning attached to the words.

Blessed (be) God. This is another way of saying Praise God. The word blessed is a verbal adjective and is never used of man but always of God. It means to speak well of, to praise. Then the desire of the apostle is that God should be well-spoken of or praised in His creation. But such a state of affairs does not exist. In the heavens is one who is a slanderer. He came down to earth and told us that which was not true about God to our first parents. And he has tried in every way to defame the name of God and to misrepresent His person since that time. He has a great following of angels to assist him in these efforts, and on the earth are plenty of men who will follow this example, and from day to day, they think only evil and curse God. But a time is coming when all such mouths will be stopped, in both heaven and earth, and there will not be one left but those who honor and adore Him. So we, with the apostle, should pray for the day to come in which God again will be praised and glorified.

Who hath blessed us. This is another form of the same verb and is used of men. He has then spoken well of us. Where? In the heavenly places. But we must hesitate here. There is something we could overlook. We are praised or spoken well of in Christ. Just as we are accepted in Him, so we are spoken well of in Him. But He is the one that was accepted and praised. We must not forget that for a moment. All good things are in Christ!

Now this knowledge that we are spoken well of in heavenly places helps to explain what is said in 3:10, To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God. These beings in the heavenlies have heard about us; they have heard good things about us, but only as we are in Christ, and it all tells of the manifold wisdom of God.

With all spiritual blessings. Or it might read, with every blessing that is spiritual. Now the word blessings also comes from the same root and means good words about us. But these good things that are told about us are all spiritual. They are in the realm of the spirit. They do not include the diamonds and automobiles that we may own down here, but what we are in Christ. We are accepted in Him, seated with Him, joint heirs with Him, and the like. These statements are spiritual blessings.

Now you can go thru Ephesians and read of all the good things we are and have in Christ. Count your blessings. May God be praised in all creation for His speaking well of us in the heavenlies in and thru and with His Son, our blessed Lord, and Savior Christ Jesus.

Blessed with every blessing that is spiritual. These blessings are in Christ. That is why they are spiritual. Outside of Him, nothing is spiritual. Let us examine the 12 blessings mentioned:

1. Chosen in Him before the overthrow. The Church is the object mentioned here. Since it has a great election, it is evident that the members are then a part of the election. This was in the plan of God before the ages began, before the overthrow.

2. Adoption or placing as sons. No more are children spoken of. Adoption means coming to age. Those who have life become mature and are placed in The Body, The Church.

3. Accepted in the Beloved. This means that the members are highly favored. The word is used here, and where Mary was said to be highly favored. Being in Christ gives this acceptance and favor.

4.  Redeemed. Bought back. The price, His blood. Includes the forgiveness of sins. These are terms used in the marketplace, especially for slaves. Delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of His dear Son.

5. Trespasses wiped out, the slate clean. Only the blood of Christ can make garments as white as snow. This is truly the universal cleaner.

6. United with Christ in His Headship, not only of the church, but Head of all things in heaven and in earth. Members should remember their identity.

7. An inheritance obtained. Since He is the sole heir of the Father, those that are His inherit untold wealth, not only all that is in the earth, but all that is in the heavens too.

8. Sealed with that holy spirit of promise. Life had been promised (Ephesians 3:6; 1 Timothy 1:1; Titus 1:2). This is the new man or new nature in the believer. This is given by the Holy Spirit, the person, Whom we must not grieve (Ephesians 4:30).

9. An earnest or pledge was given. This new nature is a sample and a pledge of what will come. In the resurrection, the old nature will be absent, and this new one take over completely. No more desires of the old nature or flesh to bother the believer anymore.

10. Made alive together with Christ. No life outside of Christ. Those in Him who identified with Him were made alive when He was. This is reckoned to us by the Father, and we should reckon it to ourselves. Dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God.

11. He is our peace. No peace outside of Christ. Men may seek peace outside Him, but they will never find it. Thru Paul, Christ came and preached peace. Christ still preaches peace thru them that believe.

12. The Temple being built. Christ is the chief cornerstone. Designed to be a dwelling of God by The Spirit, i.e., God the Holy Spirit dwells in this temple which is growing.

CONCLUSION. In this context, these particular blessings are in Heavenly Places. This is where Christ is today. This is where we are to put our affections. This is where Christ will be manifested and His Church, along with Him. After His presentation to all the powers of the heavens, and His Coronation, He will then go earthward and set up His Kingdom among the nations.

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