Friday, June 14, 2024

Our children are God's greatest gifts to the world for ministry and service.  As our children learn of Him they become faithful believers and wonderful citizens having a firm moral foundation based on Scripture not tradition, theory or the philosophy of men.

Kids have a great time memorizing Bible verses, playing games and listening to exciting Bible stories.  God is using this ministry in a great and mighty way.  We hope to see continue to grow and continue to add more studies for young believers to grow up in Him.

To accomplish our purpose we seek…

1. To fill children’s minds with the Word of God so they will grow to think the way God thinks and live the way God has commanded us to think.
2. To help teach the children how to apply the Word to their daily lives.
3. To establish in children habits of godly living ad a daily lifestyle.
4. To teach that prayer and communication with the Father is the first thing to turn to in all situations.
5. To create a Believer Community of children and adults who enjoy life together as a family and who are committed to Jesus Christ and to each other.
6. To help children trust Christ as Savior, to submit to Him and to live as Christian’s at home, at school, at play or wherever they are.
7. To build Christian homes by encouraging families and training them in their tasks.

During his youth years, Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.

1. Jesus grew in wisdom… …relates to intellectual growth
2. and stature…. ..relates to physical growth
3. and in favor with God……relates to spiritual growth
4. and men……relates to social growth

The stories in this section come from reading of the Scriptures by parents with there young children and contain a drawing done by the children based on what they learned.  We encourage you to submit and teaching along with the Scriptures used and a drawing that your child has done for inclusion in this section to be shared with others.

Have fun and All God's Blessings,
The Believers

  • The Word of God makes known The Lord Jesus Christ; Who declares to the Believer our Heavenly Father that we might know Him. God has revealed Himself not according to religious viewpoints but reveals Himself by the written Word.  The Light that illuminates our path makes it possible for all who are willing to walk with Him and to see His clear instructions to live victorious lives in Christian Faith and Practice.
  • is a Bible Study Center whose goal is to base all of our posted teachings on Scripture and not the traditions and commandments of men.