Dispensational Day Dawning

How Do We Know When The Mystery Dispensational Day Dawned?

Here is a word that may have a variety of meanings. When we selected it as a part of the title of this teaching, we did so from the standpoint of Dispensational. However, we are careful not to say this Dispensation when we mean today. We are aware of the fact that there are multitudes of believers today who have no dispensational blessings or hopes. Today includes more than The Mystery.

In its narrowest meaning, today can mean a period between two nights, a time when it is light. It also can mean a 24-hour period or one day.

It can mean an era or age. When the Lord told his neighbors in the Synagogue one day that today certain prophecies were fulfilled, He meant the time of His earthly ministry. The word is used in a general way to mean the present time, as we say that something still stands today.

But from the Dispensational viewpoint, there must be a definite beginning of what is called today. Some would have it beginning with the giving of the law on Sinai. So they endeavor to keep the law as if it were given for today. Others have today beginning with Pentecost, a Jewish feast day after the death of Christ on Calvary. They claim that at that point, the Jews were set aside, and The Church began.

Still, others think that today began either with the preaching of Peter to Gentiles in Acts 10 or Paul's preaching to Gentiles in Acts 13. From one standpoint, both of these are right. But on the other hand, if there is to be a division between Kingdom and Church, and the Hope of an earthly Kingdom and citizenship in Heaven, neither one of these can possibly be the starting point.

At the time of Acts 28:28, when His own finally and very definitely received Him not, began a new day for the Gentile. From that day on, as many as received Him were given the right to be called the children of God (John 1:11-12). This was direct dealing without the mediatorship of Israel. No longer was God's Salvation of the Jews. But the Salvation of God was sent to the Gentiles. Israel's day was over for the time being. Their sunset at the end of Acts and the day of The Church dawned.

Somebody asked if Matthew, Mark, and Luke were written for us today. No, they were written yesterday when today was not yet in view. Then the same question comes up about the seven Epistles written by apostles to circumcision. We must give the same answer. They all were written yesterday. Then what about Paul's first seven Epistles, which were written during the period of time covered by the Acts? We must give the same answer. They were written yesterday. They did not foresee today and could not make Doctrinal Truth that is for The Church, which is His Body, known.

Finally, somebody comes up with the question of the Revelation. But it also was written yesterday. It will have much of its fulfillment tomorrow, the same as much of the other prophecy written during Acts.

Only eight Books of the Bible were written in the period we call today, Paul's last seven Epistles and the Gospel of John. Then we can say that these are to and for us today. It is that simple.

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