Throne God

Isaiah 45:5

I am the LORD, and there is none else,
there is no God beside me: I girded thee,
though thou hast not known me:


The first person of the triune God is the one carrying the title Father. And those who are curious about such things will at once ask why God should reveal Himself as a Father. Of course, we can have no idea of God in His essence. That is a realm strange to us. And that is why He has come down to the level of our experiences to make Himself known. We can know God only relatively, and so we have to compare Him with the things we know.

Now, it is true that under ordinary circumstances, the father in the family is the ruler of the family. He is also the provider and protector and greatly loves his family. So God has used this figure to make us understand that He is like the ideal loving father of an earthly family in His relation to us. What better illustration could He have chosen?

Now, this brings up another point that we should remember. Our concept of God will be limited to our concept of an earthy father. May I ask how much one will think of God as a loving father if one comes from a broken home with strife and no respect for either father or mother? Just what is the concept carried by the average school child of today? Will it help that child's understanding of God? A father has a great responsibility before our God these days. Would it be to the advantage of the enemy if he could erase morality and the nuclear family with a loving father so that this aspect of God could not be learned?

Our Lord came to emphasize the title of Father and used it in many illustrations to explain God. In comparing earthly fathers to their Heavenly Father, He asked if a father would give a hungry child a stone if it asked for bread and then reminding them that they were evil explained how much more their Heavenly Father would give good gifts to them that ask (Matt. 7:9-11). The Lord Jesus revealed:

John 1:18  No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.

We can understand a little more now why the Apostle stressed the duties of a father in Ephesians and Colossians. Every father today who professes faith has the responsibility of doing his very best in every duty so as to show forth the character of God as Father. His actions are going to show a lot more than words ever can. And if he is going to bring up his family in the fear and admonition of The Lord, here is the place to start. Let the children know what the word father means by example.

God is pictured to us as a Father who knows the needs of His children and pities them, who rewards them, Who has made promises and will keep them, Who gives good gifts to His children, Who is a merciful Father, and Who Loves His children. Consider this: Would God the Father cast off any of His children and not claim them?


We considered the subject God the Father. There has been little contradiction of the fact that the Father is God. But some have denied that Christ was really the Son and, therefore, not Deity. So let us go to Isaiah chapter 45 for evidence from The Holy Scriptures.

Elohim is the Hebrew word for The Supreme God in Gen. 1:1. El is Hebrew for God in contrast to the gods of the heathen. See this in Gen. 14:18. Jehovah is the I AM that was revealed to Moses at the burning bush (Exo. 3:14-15). Check these with the Companion Bible and read Appendix 4.

Isaiah 45:1. Thus Saith Jehovah... 

Isa. 45:3. I, The Elohim Of Israel.

Isa. 45:5. I Am Jehovah...there Is No Elohim Beside Me.

Isa. 45:6. I Am Jehovah, And There Is None Else.

Isa. 45:7. I, Jehovah Do All These Things.

Isa. 45:8. I, Jehovah Have Created It.

Isa. 45:11. Thus Saith Jehovah, The Holy One Of Israel, And His Maker.

Isa. 45:13. Saith The Jehovah Of Hosts.

Isa. 45:14. Thus Saith Jehovah ..surely E[ Is In Thee; And There Is None Else, There Is No Elohim.

Isa. 45:15, Verily Thou Are An El That Hidest Thyself, 0 Elohim Of Israel, The Saviour.

Isa. 45:17. But Israel Shall Be Saved In Jehovah.

Isa. 45:18. For Thus Saith Jehovah That Created The Heavens; Elohim Himself That Formed The Earth And Made It...I Am Jehovah; And There Is None Else.

Isa. 45:19. I, Jehovah Speak Righteousness.

Isa. 45:21. Have Not I, Jehovah? And There Is No Elohim Beside Me; A Just El And A Saviour; There Is None Beside Me.

Isa. 45:22. For I Am El, And There Is None Else.

Isa. 45:24. Surely In Jehovah Have I Righteousness And Strength.

Isa. 45:25. In Jehovah Shall All The Seed Of Israel Be Justified, And Shall Glory.

Now read the chapter and tell us, are Jehovah, El, and Elohim One and the same? Is there only one God? And is not that one God Creator, Saviour, and the only One to be worshipped? And did you note that in Isa. 45:23, El says something that is repeated in Phil. 2:10. According to Scripture, Christ is El, and El is Elohim and Jehovah. Then, Who is Christ?

The Word made flesh is God. Not a god, as some would say, for that brings in other gods, and that is contrary to the very first commandment and has to do with idolatry. As true Christians, we have to recognize the fact that Jesus of Nazareth is God, or there is no god at all.

Only God is to be worshipped, according to the law of Israel. That has not been changed. Worship is ordained for Christ in Phil. 2:10. "And let all the angels of God worship Him." So states Hebrews 1:6.

We purposely used Isaiah chapter 45 here because some have even tried to make Jehovah a lesser god. The chapter speaks for itself: Jehovah is God, and there is none else. Take away Jehovah, and there is no God. Take away Jesus Christ, and there is no God. The implications are plain. There is one God, but three persons.


The great commission of The Kingdom age (Matt. 28:19) included baptizing in The Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost (Spirit). The word name is in the singular, not plural. So Father is not a name. Son is not a name. Holy Spirit is not a name. The great commission is still in the future and will happen after The Lord Returns and The Lord Himself has revealed The Name.

We have already written about God the Father and God the Son. Now we take up God the Holy Spirit. The subject would fill a book, so for a sample, we will look at the nine occurrences in Ephesians and set them forth.

1. Eph. 2:18. The Holy Spirit is the means of access to God, The Father. This person is one.

2. Eph. 2:22. The Holy Spirit is the Builder of the Holy Temple, which is a habitation of God. It is built of living stones, the believers.

3. Eph. 3:5. The Holy Spirit is the Revealer. He revealed The Mystery of Christ to the apostles and prophets.

4. Eph. 3:16. The Holy Spirit is the Giver of all power and might. Here is a purpose.

5. Eph. 4:3. The Holy Spirit is the Origin of the spiritual Unity. Here, it is the genitive of origin, a figure of speech.

6. Eph. 4:30. The Holy Spirit can be grieved or offended. Read the next two verses and see what offends The Spirit.

7. Eph. 5:18. The Holy Spirit is the Filler. He can so fill a believer that he will overflow with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in his heart to the Lord. He runs the cup over.

8. Eph. 6:17. The Holy Spirit carries The Sword. He also provides it for the believer to make up his panoply of armor. The Holy Spirit has given us The Word of God.

9. Eph. 6:18. The Holy Spirit is the source and power of all prayer. When we know not what to pray for, He can make intercession for us.

Although we find much about the nature and attributes of The Father and The Son, we do not find much about The Spirit. And the reason? He does not speak of Himself but gives testimony of The Son. Christ is the theme of the Bible from beginning to end, and our Lord said that when the Holy Spirit has come, He would not speak of Himself but of Christ.

So, although we find a great deal about the activities of The Holy Spirit in The Word, we do not learn much about Himself. He is there all the way through. He is just as omnipresent as any Other Person of The Godhead.

This should set you out on a search for further information. You will not find Him in Colossians, so look through the rest of the post-Acts Epistles of Paul for Him.

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