Perilous Times

2 Timothy 3:1-5

An Expanded Reading By Context and Original Language

This know also, and keep it in mind, that in the last days of the dispensation of the mystery, perilous times shall come for the professing church, or what is called Christendom.

For Christian religious men and leaders of the time shall be lovers of their own selves seeking all kinds of publicity and praise of men, covetous in that they will be lovers of money and will stoop to almost any methods in obtaining it, boasters of all their accomplishments in the world, seeking to outdo all others, proud of their works in the flesh and of their false humility before the people they profess to serve, blasphemers in that they call themselves ministers of the Most High God, but promote racial disturbances, civil disobedience, and rioting for hire by a foreign country, disobedient to parents and all other constituted authority, including colleges and universities, lawless and unthankful, taking charity of society and the blessings of God with no thought of the donors, and with their uncouth appearance and bad manners they have not only repudiated all goodness, but have come to the place that like dogs they return to their own vomit, or like the sow which returns to the mire, they have become most unholy,

And in their lust for others of the same sex, they are without natural affection, coming to the place where they can no longer tell the truth; they have become trucebreakers, and in this condition, coupled with their covetousness, they have become false accusers, for they, in their vain imaginations think that others are as low and selfish in their ambitions as they are, and being lovers of their own selves and their consciences seared and no longer having a feeling of sin, they have become incontinent practicing fornication and adultery, making provision for the flesh with all kinds of sexual perversions, contraceptives, and abortion. They also have become fierce and have lost all the gentleness they may have learned of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and in their lusts, they have also become despisers of those that are good, with the argument that everybody is doing it and are as bad as they are;

Traitors to fellow Christians, to their own families, and even to their own government, heady or determined to have their own way with no regard to the rights of others and their claims, highminded or puffed up so that they have no compassion for the less fortunate, and having so fed and nourished the flesh or old nature, they have come to the place that they are the lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

And in these last days we see on every hand the vain and empty religions having a form of godliness, a ritual in their self-worship which pretends to be a worship of God, sensual, just a social gathering of caste and class in their costly temples and shrines by the wayside, but denying the power thereof: for Christendom today is powerless spiritually in the world, being forced to turn to lobbying and following a social gospel which is in no way Christian, just a fraternity of do-gooders, and The Word is explicit in warning us of these things and further commands us; from such turn away.

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