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Stuart Allen

This book answers the question, “Where does one start in their reading of the Bible?” This may seem to be a very simple question, but as we consider the approach others have offered, we believe that Mr. Allen’s answers are worth considering.

The book begins by suggesting that anyone who wishes to approach God’s Word seriously should begin reading the Gospel of John. This can give us a basic understanding of who God’s son is and how we can receive the gift of everlasting life through Him.

Then Galatians and Romans should be read in order for us to understand the dilemma of sin and bondage. Man needs to learn that God's standard of right and wrong is pure and holy and that we can't keep it. We have a "virus" of sin at work in us as a result of Adam’s sin. This virus produces death in us and the only escape is the resurrection that is offered by Christ’s finished work.

Part two suggests that the new believer should try to grasp the whole purpose of God in regard to Heaven and Earth. This may be a new thought for some, but God does have different places for Christians to dwell.

Abraham and his offspring shall inherit the land on the earth as revealed in Genesis. Before we discuss Abraham's future blessing on the earth we should realize that Israel had a history of repeated disobedience, failure, and then repentance in regards to their faithfulness to God from the OT through the book of Acts. Because of this attitude, the realization of God's kingdom on earth was postponed. During the Acts times, there was a re-offer of the kingdom, only this time the Gentiles were allowed to partake of Israel’s blessings. This was done to provoke Israel into jealousy and repent.

Upon Israel’s refusal to repent, we now have a new purpose revealed in Ephesians and Colossians. We are told as body members that we are seated in Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus. We are told to study 2 Timothy and Philippians which explains how we might walk worthy to receive the Prize and the Crown by rightly dividing the Word.

Israel's future as revealed in Matthew, Thessalonians, Revelation, and Daniel mentions that Christ is going to set up His kingdom on the earth, He will rule with a rod of iron, it will last a thousand years, and will end with a battle with Satan.

This work gives the new and old Christian the overall purpose of God and a way in which it can be easily understood so that these principles can be used by the individual and the encouragement to live their lives pleasing to the Lord.

Author:  Stuart Allen

Author:  Stuart Allen

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