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Dr. E. W. Bullinger

Are you familiar with numbers in scripture? Did you know that they are
used "not merely as in Nature, with supernatural design, but with spiritual
significance?" In fact, the Holy Spirit uses what you could call a "number
code" in scripture which allows us to partake of that "hidden manna" and
reach a deeper level of understanding of what is being said. Here are just
a few examples of numbers and their meaning (See Companion Bible, Appendix 10):

1 = God, 2 = Division, 3 = Complete, 4 = The World, 5 = Grace, 6 = Man,
7 = Spiritual Perfection, 8 = Resurrection, New Beginning, 10 = Law, Ordinal Perfection (10 Commandments), 12 = Governmental Perfection (12 Tribes, 12 Apostles)

Here is yet another great book by the insightful E.W. Bullinger. Number
in Scripture is fascinating and shocking, as it sheds light on the hidden
footprints of the Holy Spirit in The Scripture. Readers learn about the significance of what previously seemed like meaningless numbers.

Everything in the Bible has a meaning, numbers included. Don't miss reading this book along with the Bible. Some of the tidbits in this book are worth a king's ransom, such as where 360 degrees came from, why there are 12 Constellations, why certain numbers are used in the Bible, etc. The book helps in making the Bible fun to read.

An invaluable guide to the study of Bible Numerics. The first part of the book deals with the designs involved in the numbers and numerical features of the Word of God, evidencing as it does the Designer who devised it.

The second part covers the spiritual significance and symbolic connotations of those numbers which repeatedly appear in the same or similar contexts and connections throughout the Bible.

320 Pages Paperback

Author: E. W. Bullinger

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