Color in Scripture

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D. L. Higginbotham

Color in Scripture is a groundbreaking book for anyone who enjoys exploring the Bible. Packed with a wealth of material, it is the first book to examine this fascinating subject.

In the first section of this book, the meanings of each of the colors are individually defined through Biblical references. Also examined are numerous items that carry distinctive meanings because of the colors they reflect. These include Biblical items such as blood, fire, precious metals, the temple veil, the colored horses of Zechariah and Revelation, and the gems in the high priest's breastplate and in the heavenly Jerusalem. It also reveals color significance in aspects of nature such as the sky, clouds, flesh colors, and hair and eye colors. The rainbow is an especially fascinating part of this. The meanings of each color are put together in their proper sequence, showing a glorious hidden message given by God.

In the last sections, the scientific basics of colors and their physiological aspects are compared to the true meanings of each color, giving an undeniable picture of the handiwork of our perfect Creator.

The text is written in a style that is easy for anyone to understand, but its content will be challenging and enlightening even to the Bible scholar. It is well-referenced and well-researched, quoting extensively from Scripture and referencing numerous supporting source materials. Color, in Scripture, is an invaluable study tool for every student of the Bible.

Color in Scripture is the result of a private Bible study undertaken by the author. A few weeks after the birth of her first son in 1988, she read the book Number in Scripture. As a result, she desired to learn if colors held a similarly significant place in the Bible and in nature. After learning that no book had ever been written on the subject, she began a study of her own with the Lord's guidance.

When she shared her initial findings of the significance of each color, fellow Bible students encouraged her to write a book on the subject. Being a woman, she felt uncomfortable with this role, but after considerable prayer, she was led by the Lord to complete this work. The effort has taken her almost four years to accomplish. At the time of the writing, she had two small children at home (her second son was born while continuing the research and writing of the book).

She was surprised that the Lord chose to share such a treasure with her, a young mother, and housewife with no ''worldly" qualifications, to research and write a book. But she was reminded that David had no "worldly" qualifications to fight Goliath, and that "God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise" (1 Corinthians 1:27).

The author was born in 1962 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. She was raised in a Christian home that stressed the message of 2 Timothy 2:15. As a result, one of her greatest joys is studying the Bible in depth. She and Gary, her husband, also now enjoy the blessing of raising their own children in a Christian home.

235 Pages Hardcover

Author: D. L. Higginbotham

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