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Phil. 3:20

For our citizenship is in heaven; whence also we wait for a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. ARV.

Whence is singular and refers to citizenship, and not to heaven which is plural. So it is from this place of citizenship in heaven that we look for and love the appearing of our glorious Head.

This is the place where we are blest with every blessing that is spiritual
Eph. 3:1
. We use the word places here since it answers the question, Where? In its second occurrence it tells us more about this place. It is the place of principality, power, might, and dominion
Eph. 1:20,21.

Then again, we learn that we who are members of the body of Christ have been quickened, raised, and seated (enthroned) with Christ in heavenly places Eph. 2:6. Our life is his with Christ in God; and when He appears, we shall appear with Him in glory Col. 3:1-4. In this instance glory answers the questions Where? and How?

In Hebrews we have several references to Christ as the High Priest of that dispensation, having gone to the holy of holies, the sanctuary, even heaven itself, and sat down. But it says He is alone there, as the high priest went into the holiest of all in the tabernacle alone and once a year.

But in the dispensation of the mystery, Christ is not alone in the sanctuary, but the members of His body who are identified with Him are said to be with Him in that place. So in Eph. 2:19 we are said to be fellow citizens in the HOLY OF HOLIES and of the household of God. We notice, too, that Eph. 1:18 is about God's inheritance in the holiest of all.

Some may be a little surprised that saints also means holy of holies. That is the way it has been translated in Hebrews. Just compare with Heb 8:2; 9:2,3,8,12,24, 25; 10:19 and 13:11.

Moses was told that the tabernacle was a pattern of things in the heavens. Little did he think that a time would come when any but the high priest could enter the holiest of all. And least of all would he ever suspect that we Gentiles could enter that place. That was a secret (mystery) hid in God from ages and generations. How fortunate we are to live in an age when this secret is being made known and we can partake of all spiritual blessings there and have our home, our citizenship there!

Why do we have this exalted place today? Why do we have something which men like Moses, David, Abraham, and many others do not have? This is a part of the mystery of God's will, making Christ the Head of all things in heaven and on earth Eph. 1:9-10. But we do not obtain it by any works or goodness on our part. It is a part of God's great grace that we can have this hope. Surely we should give thanks to God the Father who has made us meet or fit to be partakers of His great inheritance in the holiest of all, even heaven itself; there in the brightness of the Shekinah glory Col. 1:12

Is it any wonder that we are asked to walk worthy of such a calling? Eph 4:1. Being strangers and pilgrims in this world today, we should be careful that we act and speak worthy of our great citizenship.

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August 18 2006
by Believer.com
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