Thursday, April 27, 2017

Fellowship is a word that is sweet to the ears of most everyone, especially believers. They have a basis for it that spans this present life and the one that is coming. For the sake of review, what is this basis? We will entitle this:

1. The Premises of Fellowship:

It must be built upon the good foundation of the following: (a) the Bible is the written Word of God, His revelation to us; (b) the Lord Jesus Christ is the Living Word of God, Deity. Faith in these essentials will provide a certain measure of fellowship for all believers regardless of their denominational differences.

Anyone who denies the unique Person and work of the Son of God is a deceiver and an antichrist, (2 John 1:7). We are to avoid all spiritual fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness ( Eph 5:11; 2 Cor 6:14).

2. The Problems or Conditions of Fellowship:

The lines of communication must be kept open for unbroken fellowship. God's Word is the hub of the wheel of fellowship with the almighty. Too often neglect, indifference, or wilful sin enters into the lives of believers and fellowship is impaired or broken. A saying goes like this: God's Word will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from God's Word. On the subject of fellowship we are told this in 1 John 1:7, But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin.

But what does a believer do for fellowship when separated or isolated from others of like-mind? This is a common problem for those who practice right division. We believe the Lord has more than sufficient grace available for those who are willing to stand alone in a case like this. Someone once said there is plenty of elbow-room the closer we get to the Lord. If we learn this secret, there is a fellowship the vast majority of Christians know nothing of. Too much that is called Christian fellowship is really visiting and talking in church. Talking about our wonderful Lord and His Word is greatly neglected today.

True fellowship contributes to spiritual growth and the knowledge of God as Christians share experiences in the right division of His Word. They are also encouraged and inspired to live better and more fruitful lives for His glory. So fellowship in, around, and through His Word.

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+5 #5 Jada 2011-10-24 03:19
I totally agree with both comments and the first one mentions how the world and its distractions causes us to get lost and blinded by earthly desires, which is so true. It's not just sinning it's not having time for God as well that will pull us away from him, hinder our fellowship with him. We have to make time for him and not get so busy with our lives this is not the hour to pull away.
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+2 #4 chuck 2011-10-24 01:15
person once said,"ther are more christians out of church than are in church". i was just saved and im glad i can see this early and not to be with the corporate churchs............
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+4 #3 Clay P. 2011-10-23 20:17
This article hit me right in my heart. It affirms my decision made over three years ago to withdraw my worship from places of worldly organized religion.

Yes, I miss terriably the companionship and friendship of my old church family. But the rewards ( spiritual fruit) from coming out seperate more than comepensate for this loss.

Now I can live every day as a new Sunday... for I know there isn't any prohibition for my heart feeiling this way. May our God of the almighty angles continue to bless and lead us. Though we be few. Amen.

One of many of my realized blessings to date is how deep into the Word I have been led because of this seperation.
Gods grace, and peace to us all.
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+2 #2 Wendell West 2011-05-01 15:30
Very good! In today's fast moving world, I actually find myself "attending Church" rather than attending worship services. I have to pull myself back onto the path. I could write more, but this explains what all of us sometimes fall into by letting our minds wander. Thanks for the opportunity to make a comment.
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+4 #1 Eric 2011-05-01 14:50
I read 1st John chapter 1 & 2 Last night and this morning,then read this study this morning!
God is speaking through his word,to me and you.
In these times where we see the very things Jesus said would happen,you would think that we as Christians would draw closer to him.
However, the world and it's many distractions cause us to get lost in the darkness and blinded by earthly desires.
We have to dedicate ourselves to renewing our minds by his word and a personal relationship with Christ.So we can continue to walk in the light and see where we are going.
Read 1st John chapters 1&2
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