Monday, January 22, 2018

This usually refers to the valley of Esdraelon which was a battle field many times in days of old. Here fought Barak and Gideon, here Saul died, and here Josiah died.

You will find it on your map just southeast of Mt. Carmel. Nazareth is on the north side of it.

This is to be the scene of the final battle of the age, before the kingdom comes in. No doubt hundreds of millions will be slain here, the greatest slaughter of all time. Not only this little valley, but the whole land will be soaked with the blood, 1600 furlongs ( Rev 14:20), from Dan to Beersheba. It will furnish a great feast for the beasts of the earth and the fowls of the air. This will be called God's supper.

Now for the events leading up to this great struggle. After the church is taken from the scene, the great tribulation will start. This is in the midst of the 70th week determined upon Israel and the Holy City. There had been a treaty made with the believers of Israel that they should rebuild their temple in Jerusalem and should worship there. This was for 7 years. But in the midst of that week of years, the treaty is suddenly broken by the beast and the abomination of desolation set up in the holy place. The decree goes forth that all must worship this image of the beast and receive the number or mark upon pain of death.

It can readily be seen that the tribulation that follows is an attempt of the apostate Israelites to liquidate the believing remnant. At the end of this tribulation period things come to a head. The Euphrates river is dried up so that the kings of the east may come in. Prophecy also states that there will be many coming in from the north. At the present time countries east and north of Palestine could muster a few hundred million soldiers.

We do not know just how or why these come in. Out of the mouths of the unholy trinity, dragon, beast, and false prophet, come evil spirits or demons like unto frogs. These with their lying wonders may get men to come to the great battle.

How and why the issue at stake changes, we do not know, but after trying to eradicate the remnant, they make war against the Lamb and the armies of heaven. And they are destroyed by the Word, the sharp sword that issues from the mouth of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Then God's supper.

At no time do we find that any gospel is given out to those who come from the north and east. We can see that they have no place for such. And these very places now are trying to stamp out the Word of God. This may be significant. We do not know.

This is all connected with the 7 last plagues and note that they are aimed at the kingdom of the beast and his throne. Is this throne in Jerusalem? Satan also had a throne in Pergamos (Rev 2:13). The plagues are on those who receive the mark of the beast and worship his image.

Only those who escape this awful slaughter at Armageddon are faithful Israelites.

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