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The "Word," and "The Words,"

How to Study them.

A low condition of spiritual health is produced by improper feeding or the neglect of necessary food, which is the Word of God; and the end is a resort to all the many modern fashions and novel methods in the Religious world in the attempt to remedy the inevitable results.

The Root of all the evils which abound in the spiritual sphere at the present day lies in the fact that the Word and the words of God are not fed upon, digested, and assimilated, as they ought to be.

If we ask the question, Why is this the case? the answer is, The Bible is not enjoyed because the Bible is not understood. The methods and rules by which alone such an understanding may be gained are not known or followed; hence the Bible is a neglected book.

The question Philip addressed to the Eunuch (Acts 8:30-31) is still greatly needed:
Understandeth thou what thou readest?
And the Eunuch's answer is only too true to-day:
How can I, except some man should guide me?

The book "How To Enjoy The Bible" will help you to quickly discover the way that The Scriptures reveal their Truth.  Certain canons or principles are laid down, and each is illustrated by applying them to certain passages by way of examples. These are intended to be taken only as examples; and the principles involved are intended to be used for the elucidation of other passages in the course of Bible study.

By the aid of twelve simple canons or rules, other passages and subjects may be taken up and pursued both with pleasure and profit -- subjects which are even yet matters of controversy and of conflict.

We have to remember that the Bible is not a book of pure Science on the one hand, nor is it a book of Theology on the other. Yet all its science is not only true, but its statements are the foundation of all true science. And, it is Theology itself; for it contains all that we can ever know about God.

The cloud that now rests over its intelligent study arises from the fact that it is with us to-day as with the Jews of old -- "The Word of God has been made of none effect by the traditions of men" (Matt. 15:1-9).

Failing to understand the Scriptures we cease to feed on them; then as a natural consequence, and in inverse proportion, we lean on and submit to "the doctrines of men," and finally reach a theological desert.

We believe that this free eBook will furnish just that help which Bible students need.  The eBook is a Windows PC only Version and can be searched, printed and bookmarked as well as offering the ability to change type size for easy reading.  This text has but one object to "Open the book"; to let it speak; to hear its voice; to study it from within itself; and have regard to other objects and subjects, only from what The Word of God teaches about them.

This method of study will reveal more convincing and "infallible proof" of inspiration than can be adduced from all the reasonings and arguments of men.

Like Ezra of old, this books desire is to "Open the Book" and let it speak for itself, with the full conviction that if this can be done it can speak more loudly, and more effectively for itself, than any man can speak on its behalf.


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